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As Gray Whale Season Ends, Dolphin and Sea Life Cruises Begins

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Thursday, April 29, 2010


But that doesn't mean we won't see whales

Gray whale season typically winds down at this time. Most of the gray whales have made their migration for the year and are back up north around Alaska where they’ll spend the summer months feeding. There’s still a very good chance that we’ll see the last few cow/calf pairs as they make their way north passing by Long Beach, the bulk have already passed.

During the next few months, instead of looking for gray whales, we’ll go in search of all marine mammals off the coast of Long Beach. We typically find a variety of species of dolphins, such as common dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, and bottlenose dolphins, as well as many different types of larger whales. For example, the last couple of weeks we have spotted a ton of fin whales! They’ve been all over the deep water trenches out here feeding. We’ve had quite a few minke whales being playful with the boat which is pretty spectacular. Normally minke whales are very shy. It seems that we might have a playful group out here, as it wasn’t too long ago a paddle boarder crossing from Catalina Island had a minke whale stay with her for two hours!

The last two years we’ve also seen some of my favorite whales during this time…the humpbacks! Almost a year apart I saw breaching humpback whales that have been hanging out in the area. Humpbacks can be a little spotty and don’t have a real season here, but they do tend to spend some time here in May. I think this is the perfect animal to go looking for while we wait for our blues to get here!

Speaking of the blues, the next real season we’ll have will be the Blue Whale Watch which typically starts in June. The good news is that we’ve already had one sighting this year just as we did last year around this time. That means the blues are right around the corner. So why we’re waiting for the blue whales to get here, join us us on our search during the Dolphin and Sea Life cruises!

As Gray Whale Season Ends, Dolphin and Sea Life Cruises Begins
The humpback whale breaches close by while on a Dolphin and Sea Life cruise  | Kera Mathes
As Gray Whale Season Ends, Dolphin and Sea Life Cruises Begins
A blue whale travels off the coast of Long Beach during the summer. We'll be looking for them soon!  | Kera Mathes

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Thursday, April 29, 2010 12:04 PM

can’t wait for blue whale season to start!!!!  they are magnificent.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010 10:52 AM

This is going to be fun! and just long enough for my land loving husband.

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