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A Special Night for Teachers

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Right around Friday of last week, I discovered that I had the flu! So, it became apparent that a visit to the Aquarium the next day wasn’t likely. Instead, I attended the annual Teacher Open House event on Wednesday! It was interesting before the event even started. I was talking with another volunteer a few minutes before they began letting in the guests, and I found out that she used to be my oldest brother’s first grade teacher! How weird is that? I met my brothers teacher at Teacher Open House… and she wasn’t even there as a guest! It was great meeting her though. She’s a very nice lady. Anyway, we chatted about my family for a while then we had to get to our stations.

My schedule was Northern Pacific Touch Lab first, then off to Shark Lagoon, then the ray pool, and last the seal and sea lion tunnel. I thought it was pretty interesting to be the one teaching teachers things when every day at school, it’s the other way around. As usual, there were people that seemed to be extremely interested in everything about the animals, especially the sharks. This one guy asked me tons of questions, which I love. Also, I spent a long while talking to one woman about her daughter who is also a volunteer at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Her daughter was on the whale watching boat that was lucky enough to spot a blue whale! That was interesting to know. We also talked about schools that were good to go to if one wanted to become a marine biologist like her daughter, or a marine mammal trainer like me. After she left, I spotted my dad who happens to be a teacher at Millikan High School and he came with me while I staffed Shark Lagoon some more. It was nice to have him there.

This event was pretty short. Only two hours long to be exact. But it was still lots of fun as all events are, and I can’t wait to get back to the Aquarium on Saturday and resume my regular schedule. I hate missing my Saturdays because it means I won’t be at the Aquarium for a while! But, I have my regular volunteering and another event coming up this Sunday so I’ll get over it.

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