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A Senior Otter Partying Like A Pup

Hugh's Aquarium Views Video Number 40

Charlie, one of the oldest Southern Sea Otters around, showed that despite his age he still likes to party, especially when it involves a pile of ice and ice toys.

It was just a practice photo shoot with the aquarium’s senior otters, Charlie, Brook and Maggie. A large pile of ice was decorated with ice toys for the otters to enjoy and as a backdrop for photos and videos. Since it involved non food bearing ice decorations Brook and Maggie were lukewarm to the colorful pile of ice. Charlie on the other (otter) hand jumped right in like a pup and enjoyed rubbing in the ice and chewing on the ice toys.

It turned into quite an enrichment session for the oldest male Southern Sea Otter under human care. You could see the joy in his play. It brought a smile to the faces of all the staff in the exhibit to see Charlie having so much fun. We should all be like Charlie when we get older and enjoy life’s little moments like him.

Check out the video to see Charlie having fun partying on ice.