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Thursday, June 07, 2012


Avery Tweets from June Keyes

One of my favorite penguins of the group known as the “Brazilians” has a new hobby. Since the June Keyes Exhibit opened Avery the Magellanic Penguin has gone up into the cloud so to speak and set up his own twitter account. This week I’d like to share a few of his tweets.

Avery’s description of himself on Twitter: I’m a foodie and love gadgets. I hear I should fit right in. Long Beach, CA ·

Avery Tweets

The back story behind the Twitter account has Avery trading some clams to one of the Aquarium’s sea otters for a smart phone. I can see that happening as sea otters are the greatest scroungers in the animal world.

Avery realizes that it takes two to make a pup.

Avery has a certain image of himself that he likes to maintain. He thinks of himself as the World’s Most Interesting Penguin.

While the celebrity racers were roaring by the Aquarium in souped up cars during the Long Beach Grand Prix Avery thought to himself “Yeah, I could do that!”

Avery may have a high opinion of himself but he does acknowledge those who helped him survive a rough start in life.

Yes, he is a smart penguin. Even dwells occasionally into physics. He knows he can’t fly and knows the physics why.

Avery is proud of his species.

He even writes poetry.

Avery the Gossip Columinist.

He has a high opinion of himself.

Avery didn’t know that the L.A. Kings aren’t named after a species of penguins called King Penguins.”

Avery the tour guide.

Yes he’s even into astronomy.

This summer I would have a hard time arguing with Avery about this.

Check out more tweets from Avery at @AveryThePenguin.

A Penguin Who Tweets
Avery the tweeting penguin checks out an iPad displaying some of his tweets.  | Hugh Ryono
A Penguin Who Tweets
Avery tweets: "Hey make sure your kids come by June Keyes and check out our penguin under-look. I'll show them someone they can look up to... ME!"  | Hugh Ryono
A Penguin Who Tweets
Avery even tweets about his love life. "The real flirt in our flock is Kate. One day she preens with me, the next day I'm chopped capelin." Image: Avery in back gazes longingly at Kate who is gazing upon the young stud penguin Newsom.  | Hugh Ryono

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