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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brook and the Furball | Hugh  buttonLink

Brook and the Furball

Brook led the good life. Being one of the Aquarium of the Pacific’s original sea otters back when it opened in 1998, Brook was treated like Royalty and became the Queen of the Northern Pacific Gallery. She is also one of the most beautiful otters in the State and seems to know it. The gorgeous otter that you see on ads across the country and on banners throughout the city is Brook.  She’s always carried herself in a dignified manner. She’s even greeted her trainers at the door of the exhibit and escorted them into her Kingdom during training sessions like a hostess in a high society affair. Then the Furball entered her life! This week’s blog features a video on the relationship between the Stately Brook and the Tomboyish otter that I like to call the Furball.