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Thursday, December 09, 2010

A New Adventure in “Otter” Space | Hugh  buttonLink

A New Adventure in “Otter” Space

The little orphan sea otter whimpered softly as she crawled onto my lap. Finding it a worthy substitute for a momma otter’s belly she proceeded to curl up and began to groom her baby fur with her paws. Still unable to fully tend to her fur all by herself I helped by using a towel and comb to work on her problem areas. After a few minutes her swirling paws were starting to slow down and her eyes were getting heavy. Then one of her paws gripped the towel I was using to dry her and moved it across her body like a blanket. Moments later the little furry critter was fully asleep on my lap looking like a child snoozing on a bed. Thus began my newest Adventure in Otter Space.