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Friday, September 27, 2013

Familiar Flukes | Julien  

Familiar Flukes

The end of August was full of excitement with more lunge feeding, krill at the surface and many familiar flukes! A part of our research on-board deals with identifying the different individuals of blues that visit us every year and we’ve had some whales come back to the area multiple times. Read more to find out which whales we have been sighting!



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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Target-Training a Shark | Hugh  

Target-Training a Shark

Training a shark to participate in its own husbandry care.

How do you get a nearly 8 foot long free swimming shark out of the water for a checkup? With a sea lion or sea otter the animal can be trained to get into a transport kennel when asked. Nicky, an Aquarium of the Pacific aquarist, decided to train Fern the Zebra Shark to willingly swim onto a transport stretcher using the same training techniques used to train marine mammals.